The untitled relationship 

“We’re on the edge” said she,

“No my dear”, said he.

“I don’t know if this is love” said she,

“Take my hand and forget the fear” said he.

“What if i strangle and fall” said she,

“Il pick you up and take you to a ball” said he.

“For once be serious and understand my woe” said she,

“My darling I’ve got you through and theres nothing that i want to know” said he.
She put her smile back on and held his hand and they walked merrily to their forever-land ! 

She’s a warrior 

For every fall , she rose back up

But she wasn’t the type to give it up..

Failure was her new best friend 

‘Who cares’ is what she always said ..

Life played a mean role, when she realized she was all alone..

Then came a sprawling turn

When she finally let her bridges burn …

She made a promise to herself 

To keep on rising till her best !

I know we’ll sail through 

I know that we’v been through the worst of times..

But theres nothing you can do but just be mine !!

I know we’ll sail the oceans wide,

And make it up after every tide..

Its my love for you

Which drives us through..

All the ups and downs,

Without much a frown …

So, forget all the sorrows 

For we might not live tomorrow.. 


Life is just amazing. isn’t it? Like seasons, there are different phases to life. Just like a rose which is initially a bud and then slowly blossoms into a beautiful flower, life too blossoms slowly.

There comes a phase when you just want to be on your own, when you want to live life your way. We fondly  call it “teenage”. It is simple amazing when you actually do things your way but at the same time each one of us falls from a cliff. We all kill our desires for what fate has in stored for us. It can be a school, college etc which is not according to our choice.

Destiny is never in our hands. I wonder who actually is responsible for our destiny. There are only a few who manage to get their dreams fulfilled. Then there are some like us who just wait patiently for our life’s to change, that maybe someday  we’ll be happy, contented and satisfied. Till then its just like a new fall from a cliff everyday, without fail.

Well I was devastated too. everything i wanted was going away from me. I had lost all balance and the stability to live a peaceful life. It was like I was walking through a desert with no water or food and only long roads with no end. I was LOST. Somebody advised me to meditate and relax and not to lose hope. I didn’t believe that a simple harmless thing called MEDITATION could actually help me out. Its just like  rain that breaks into a house with bad roof , desire breaks into the mind that has not been  practising meditation. So, here we are with our main culprit and it is ‘DESIRE’. Our desires, urge, want, wishes etc are all never ending.

If I would be asked for one thing that I would want to do before I die, I would actually need not one but a hundred things to do before I die. Desire’s are just never ending. right?  We all want our Louis Vuitton bags, Jimmy Choo’s shoes, Prada sunglasses and off course a Porsche . A big grin on all your faces. I knew that! Who would miss a chance to go to goa and party? I guess nobody. Desires, desires and desires yes. all of them so many of them. just wonderful beautiful desires. Our lifestyles govern us and our desires. There are those who party everyday and then there are those who party one’s a year. who’s to blame? I guess our destiny, our fate.

no doubt its true but lets change our mind for a while. let’s for once listen to what our elders have to say and lets just make a change. Destiny is in our hand’s and meditation I tell you is the best way to kill desires. so why don’t we meditate for a while ? lets just make a difference and be content with what we have already. save some louis Vuitton bags for the next generation (maybe).

lets just save every one of us from that fall from the cliff and give it a rest.

To the new beginnings from the end ! 

Things said, things done.Broke hearts,tried mending one.

Defied pain,did unjust to none.

But this year,I have not a regret one.
Fights that turned sour,

friendship that grew with every hour.

Smiles shared,tears shed.

Bonds that had rusted for too long,

Made it to the dust to be gone.

Swooning somewhere,the memories linger still.

But this year,I have not a regret one.
Damp spirit, often drenched in alcohol.

Like a resurrection,the whole world of words came alive at it’s touch.

Better now than often not,words pour out in a lump knot.

Don’t dread LOVE for it’s a beautiful feeling,

But couldn’t help but fret, for what was delivered made the feelings jump outta the railing.

Tossed around the bed,had sleepless nights until the dawn broke with its endless might. 

The choices weren’t simple,but had to make some.

Wasn’t easy, but life goes on.

And this year, I have not a regret one.
Lost battles many,but savoured the scars.

Conquered hearts of many,but saved myself from the pain.

Kept the door ajar, for people to be gone and made peace with my being.

Toppled a feelings many, wrapped them all in a cranny.

Broke,drunk,risen,conquered and the wheel never stopped for once.
This year I have not a regret one.

This year I have not a regret one.

Do you know where is god ?

We all happen to be stern followers of one or the other religion.. Each religion teaches us some values and thoughts.. Which we seldom use ! My god do we use ?  

The question i ask you today, dear readers is that ‘where is god ?’ Does he reside in a place called a temple or does he lie within our souls?  Does he follow a caste, color or creed? Or does he just sit above following our needs? 

When we acheive something important its ‘thank you god’ but when we dont, its ‘i hate you god’.

Why?!? Is he also like the humans? Who gets swayed away by gifts? Or is he like the supreme power who has everything under his control? 

Don’t we all already know the answers. Then why are we changing the definition of god. He doesn’t need to be pleased. He doesn’t need to be bribed. He is there with you and me all day and night. 

The answer is that god lies within us. We need to realise how important and blessed we are. We needn’t go to any place to seek him. We have to look inside because he is here! Waiting for us to explore him. Dont get carried away by people who tell you to do weird things to be with god. Since he is here and always will be. Religion and god go hand in hand.. Don’t they? I wonder why are all humans so selfish despite the religions. Religion teaches us peace and patience and charity and humanity. Which is slowly dieing a death. Yes! Its is endangered. All these things are.. 

We need to seek peace thats the only key to god. And nothing else. Not some sacrifices, not some ill practises but only PEACE. And when you seek peace do not forget to pursue it. 

His magic is enchanting. His ways are powerful. His aura lies in peace. His look is a mystery. But search your soul for you will find him residing within you. Easier said than done .. Is it ?!? No it is not so difficult because to reach somewhere you must start somewhere. The destination will be worth the journey but dont give up. START now for my dear god is waiting ! 

It is love, it is fate 

  This picture gave me thoughts that were unfathomable.. I know zilch about love but all i know is that it is fate.. 
Love is everywhere but you need a heart to feel can see all colors around you yet you can grasp in only some.. Just like that we need to kill the negativity to grasm in the love we all require to survive.. Yes ! Survive for you have an ambition to acheive.. A dream to conquer.. A world to love ! 

So love one another and never be disheartened because after black comes white and after the night there is always a dawn.. That dawn will give you a new hope of life .. A new passage to walk through and a new opportunity that you were dieing for.. Lets survive to see that shining sun.. Lets awaken our soul to feel all that which fate has instired for us .. Because love is a feeling bestowed on us by fate itself.. 

Do you agree?!?

Comment below to tell me your views .. 

All that you already know

For everyone is fighting their own battle.. True isn’t? No one today is free from Their problems of life.. But yet we often tend to get jealous at the slightest thing that someone else possesses .. Why ? 
This question moved me to rethink about my blessings in life.. About the colors which find their home in me .. About the hopes that i still have to achieve.. About the night that is dark but stars that lead my way.. About the sun that shines bright and makes me think about whats right ! 
Blessings ? Thats what i was talking about.. We all are blessed .. Believe me when i say this! Its just that we all forget to realize the same .. Jealousy according to me is that phenomenon when we forget to count on our blessings..
When you have somebody to love you .. That is a blessing ! When your mother cooks for you even at 2 A.m .. That is a blessing ! When you wake up every morning.. That is a blessing.. When you bring a smile on someone’s face.. That is a blessing.. When your heart is broken and somehow you still stand strong.. That is a blessing.. When your child whispers your name.. That is a blessing .. When your father is your hero.. That is a blessing.. When your sister lies for you .. That is a blessing.. When your brother would move mountains for you.. That is a blessing.. When your friend betrays you..that is a blessing ( for you will know the true people to value in your life) .
So according to me.. Its all a circle .. Or rather newtons third law which says what you do comes opposite right back at you.. 

Yes ! Thats the answer my dear readers for if we do good that is a blessing and if we do bad that is a sin.. Everything is a blessing.. Every action is a blessing.. Every tear is a blessing.. Every laughter is definitely a blessing..Lets not forget dear readers that being a human is indeed a blessing !!